About Us

What We Do?

Museums, historical sites, exhibition halls, especially aquariums, zoos and industrial fairs are the places where there is a flow of visitors. Audience Media produces professionally prepared multilingual audio tour productions that make information transfer more effective and enjoyable, and offer these productions to the visitors in virtual environments with compact audio guidance systems or in places with smartphone applications.

Tours for adults and children; Adult visitors and our visitors are naturally different in their viewpoints and in their curiosity. Voice tours, which are scripted according to their level of interest and curiosity for different age groups, bring the information to the target audience more effectively. With the scenarios that direct attention to the exhibition, we do not only ensure that young museum visitors are more satisfied with the museum, but we direct young visitors to your museum again and again.

As the Audience Media, we aim to inform young people, elderly and disabled, all individuals. With this thought, we design audio expressions for visually impaired visitors, and tour tours for hearing impaired visitors.

Solution partnership; Audience Media offers a variety of rental options for your period exhibitions and short-term events.

About Us

How do we do it?

When writing scripts, we focus on details that make your exhibits significant, thus encouraging visitors to view them from different perspectives and consider their meaning, and keeping their curiosity alive. We structure information in a way that corresponds to the concept and layout of your museum or exhibition, and compile them in an audio tour. We work with experienced copywriters, editors, translators and dubbing artists who are knowledgeable in their fields. Meticulous work by an expert team is the secret behind our success. We aim to create unique, informative and compelling audio tours that are a perfect fit for the specific concept and theme of the attraction, enabling your visitors to experience unforgettable moments during their visit.

How do we do it?



We approach every phase of the project with experience. We start with an on-site visit to understand your place and customize the project according to your needs. Our impressions and your input lay the groundwork for an exciting collaboration.


We structure information in a way that corresponds to the concept of your museum or exhibition, and compile them in an audio tour.  We consider the logical procession of information delivered to visitors, memorability, and the intended feelings to be invoked in visitors during their tour, and then ensure that sentences are varied in length and easy to grasp upon hearing once, and use precise terminology. We employ authors who are experienced in the specific subject of the tour. We prepare texts and revise them as many times as necessary to find the perfect wording. The text is finalized after your approval, and the next phase can begin.


We work with professional translators who have excellent command of their respective language pairs and good writing skills. We also ensure that the translators who work on your project are experienced in the specific subject of your facility. Our translators go the extra mile by pointing out details that may be missed due to cultural differences, and ensure that the target text is just as well-thought as the source text. All of this effort translates to a text that is natural and meaningful in any language.


The studio is where the magic comes together. The tone, timbre and volume of the voice that reads the text are critical pillars of a good audio tour. We work with professional dubbing artists whose voices are appropriate to the matter at hand, and who are native speakers of the language they record.  The recording is made under the guidance of an director and audio engineers experienced in audio tours. After editing,  mixing and  mastering premium-quality audio tours are ready for implementation.